The team

Created with a strong ambition for Excellence, Envol Immobilier has set up a dynamic team with relevant experience in the various areas of intervention. Under the leadership of general management, the team implements projects according to international norms and standards.

  • Madani Maki TALL

    Madani Maki TALL


  • Moctar THIAM

    Moctar THIAM

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Serigne MBAYE SEYE

    Serigne MBAYE SEYE

    Administrator, Advisor

  • Aminata NIANE

    Aminata NIANE

    Administrator, Advisor

  • Ismaila NDIAYE

    Ismaila NDIAYE

    Executive Vice-President

  • Aissata THIAM

    Aissata THIAM

    Director of Finance and Development

  • Ababacar GUEYE

    Ababacar GUEYE

    Technical Director

  • Bigue SECK

    Bigue SECK

    Communication Manager

  • El Hadji Ndiaga FALL

    El Hadji Ndiaga FALL

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Thiaba Ndiaye DIOP

    Thiaba Ndiaye DIOP

    Management Assistant

  • Dr. Ousmane ISSABRE

    Dr. Ousmane ISSABRE

    Assistant to the Contracting Authority

  • Cheikhna MBENGUE

    Cheikhna MBENGUE

    Chief Accountant

  • Charles William TAVAREZ

    Charles William TAVAREZ

    Country Manager for USP Operations and Maintenance

  • Baba LY

    Baba LY

    Project Manager Coordinator

  • Khadidiatou GUEYE

    Khadidiatou GUEYE

    Project Manager Engineer

  • Francis Frédéric NDEYE

    Francis Frédéric NDEYE

    Project Manager Engineer

  • Amina Beuka DIACK

    Amina Beuka DIACK

    Technical Project Assistant.




  • Mademba GUEYE

    Mademba GUEYE

    Business Development

  • Maoundé MBALLO

    Maoundé MBALLO

    Administrative Controller

  • Papa Sambaré NDOUR

    Papa Sambaré NDOUR

    Engineer Project Manager

  • Maïmouna NDIAYE

    Maïmouna NDIAYE


  • Souleymane GUEYE

    Souleymane GUEYE


  • Luc André SARR

    Luc André SARR

    Administrative & Financial Manager - Envol Partenariats TOGO

  • Cheikh A. DIOUF

    Cheikh A. DIOUF


  • Nogaye DIALLO

    Nogaye DIALLO


  • Ndeye Diouma KAIRE

    Ndeye Diouma KAIRE

    Commercial Counsellor

  • Ndeye Maty DIOP

    Ndeye Maty DIOP

    Communications Officer

  • Papa Moctar DIENG

    Papa Moctar DIENG

    IT Support

  • Maïmouna SAMB

    Maïmouna SAMB

    Supervision manager

  • Ibrahima NDOYE

    Ibrahima NDOYE

    Fluid technician

  • Dior Dioum THIAM

    Dior Dioum THIAM


  • El Hadji Baba THIAM

    El Hadji Baba THIAM

    Technical Support Engineer

  • Lamine THIAM

    Lamine THIAM

    Technical Lots Studies and Maintenance Officer

  • Saer A. HANE

    Saer A. HANE


  • Lazar NDIONE

    Lazar NDIONE

    Green Spaces Manager

  • Sidy Diagne SAMBOU

    Sidy Diagne SAMBOU

    Assistant Logistician

  • Papa Thierno Daddé DIALLO

    Papa Thierno Daddé DIALLO

    Supervisor Manager's Assistant

  • E. Rudy B. KONDO

    E. Rudy B. KONDO

    Quality facilitator

  • Boubacar DIALLO

    Boubacar DIALLO

    Electricity Technician

  • Issa NDOUR

    Issa NDOUR

    Electrician - Technician

  • Djiby NDOUR

    Djiby NDOUR

    General Services Officer

  • Babacar TRAORE

    Babacar TRAORE


  • Jean Baptiste PREIRA

    Jean Baptiste PREIRA


  • Ousmane NDIAYE

    Ousmane NDIAYE


  • Allé NDAO

    Allé NDAO


  • Ousseynou NGOM

    Ousseynou NGOM


  • Abel BASSENE

    Abel BASSENE


  • Madiop SECK

    Madiop SECK