Facility Management

With hardened and experienced human capital, Envol offers, at the end of each project, an effective and efficient management solution for the infrastructures carried out in accordance with the specifications of its customers. Envol Immobilier provides them with a working environment that meets the needs of their profession in order to comply with health, safety and environmental standards, control costs and improve the quality of services.

Why choose Facility Management from Envol Immobilier?

With perfect control of the installations, the Envol Immobilier Group guarantees you:

  • Insurance for services related to the building environment and general services (reception, security, cleaning, green spaces, etc.)
  • Longevity of your infrastructure thanks to quality preventive and curative maintenance
  • A refurbishment of your facilities at the end of each concession
  • A complete dashboard of the services offered includes relevant performance indicators.

You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Refocusing your business on its core business and optimizing your support functions within the same competence.
  • Productivity gains by reorganizing your functions, with better management of human resources and by optimization of purchases coming from an acute knowledge of market practices.
  • A single point of contact is aggregating a range of services and committing to predefined results.
  • Control of operating and maintenance service costs.