Contracting authority

States and private companies are becoming more and more demanding, with more and more ambitious projects, this change towards a very competitive universe also applies to real estate projects.
Aware of this development, the Envol Group has formed a multidisciplinary and competent team that monitors and carries out its projects.
From project idea to commissioning, the Envol Group studies, designs, finances, organizes, manages, implements and operates all types of projects. Therefore it offers its customers complete assistance in technical, financial and functional control.
The contracting authority is thus ensured by financiers, lawyers, engineers, architects, advisers and specialists who make their day the success of the projects they manage.

Envol's skills in Project Management boils down to:

  • Assistance with Real Estate programming
  • Assistance in the architectural and technical design of projects
  • Planning, conducting technical studies and works
  • Defining the budget for construction operations
  • Management and monitoring of contracts
  • Advice and assistance in the selection of companies
  • Management of work acceptance operations.