Our CSR policy

Envol Immobilier Senegal, since its creation, undertakes a policy of societal development which takes into account the environmental, social and ethical stakes. The group has launched an active and voluntarist approach by integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As a citizen actor on the urban pole of Diamniadio, Envol Immobilier commits itself in close collaboration with the stakeholders, COMMUNE, DGPU, to integrate in its CSR policy the concerns in terms of :

  • Social
    Permanent training, professional training, internships and recruitment of young people from Diamniadio.

  • Environmental
    The respect of the environment, such as soil, water, air and biodiversity.

Training and employability of young people

  • Support for vocational training: provision of school scholarships worth five (5) million CFA francs;
  • Support for the employability of young people without experience: 6-month internships in masonry, plumbing, and all activities related to construction in our various projects;
  • Support for the development of more experienced youth: young people from Deni participate in the operation of the Ousmane Tanor Dieng Ministerial Sphere.

Envol Immobilier Senegal refurbishes the Deni Malick GUEYE school in Diamniadio

The rehabilitation of the public elementary school in the village of Deni Malick of Diamniadio, by participating in the repair of existing classrooms whose roofs were damaged by the tornado, equipment in tables benches, tables for office and chairs, painting, construction of new toilets and the realization of new graffiti on the walls of the school. For the start of the 2018 - 2019 school year, students and faculty were able to find, a new school rehabilitated and restored to working condition.

Envol Immobilier accompanies and supports the CANDE association of Diamniadio

Envol Immobilier also accompanies and supports many initiatives, including those of the CANDE association of Diamniadio in favor of improving the living environment of the populations.

Walking tour of November 2018
Walking tour of February 2020

Health: Envol Immobilier distributes masks in the commune of Diamniadio.

Envol Immobilier Senegal, as an actor on the Urban Pole of Diamniadio, wanted to participate in the response to the national epidemic of Coronavirus by providing each of the 23,000 inhabitants of Diamniadio with a barrier mask.

Health: The group Envol Immobilier Senegal brings its support to the State of Senegal in the fight against the COVID 19

In order to participate in the national fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the Envol Immobilier Senegal Group has decided to donate 200 million FCFA, in material and individual protection equipment, and barrier masks in order to supply the medical corps at the level of the epidemiological treatment centers (CTE). The donation ceremony of medical equipment and barrier masks was held on Thursday, June 25, 2020, at the Ministry of Health and Social Action, in the presence of Mr. Aloyse Waly DIOUF, Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Health and Social Action.